How to find hidden apps on Android

Get Paid To Send Text Messages From Your Cellphone

Have you ever received a text message with an offer for a product or service?

Have you ever wondered where these text messages come from?

Who sends them?

And how much they make?

So did I…

After receiving so many promotional text messages for so long, I decided to look into this. Someone has to be making money doing this.

I have been involved in affiliate marketing for years now. I must admit it has been somewhat of a love/hate relationship. I have made some money with affiliate marketing but not a lot. I received checks of a little over $200 for a month and was thrilled. I must say, I now know how pathetic that was.

After researching these promotional text messages for a while, I finally got a leg up on how to get involved. It is such a seemingly secretive marketing network that it’s hard to get into.

However, I have since learned it’s really not such a secretive network after all… they just don’t care to advertise. Once I found a network that was making good money doing this, they welcomed me in with open arms. I have been learning that what they refer to as “text message marketing” or “textblast marketing” is by far a lot more profitable than the affiliate marketing I was taught. What I was making in a month with affiliate marketing (online ads, articles, ClickBank, CJ etc), I now make in a day or two. And it’s the easiest money I’ve ever made. how to find hidden text messages on phone

I know it’s hard to accept a new marketing system and believe it’s making a lot of money for people. Some people don’t even believe affiliate marketing makes money. Where do they think Google’s content comes from? It comes from people posting information. They wouldn’t keep doing it if they weren’t making money. But how they make so much, I don’t know. I made a little.

However, we have all received promotional text messages. That should be an indication that someones making money from it. I don’t just receive one a year. It’s more than that. Now that I’m involved in Textblast Marketing, I welcome those text messages. Text Message Marketing works. It’s working for me. I don’t even want to write articles anymore, but I like to share good information when I find it.

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